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50 Activities / Things that #hurtwithfibromyalgia

Several things hurt most Fibromyalgia warriors on a daily basis. While a handful of patients are able to manage the condition somehow, most have unbearable pain and many other symptoms 24x7. Listing some things that are painful for most Fibromyalgia warriors - a quick reference for the #hurtswithfibromyalgiachallenge.

1.   Getting out of the bed
2.   Sleeping
3.    Standing for over half an
4.    Cutting vegetables
5.    Walking
6.    Exercising
7.    Combing hair

8.    Bathing
9.    Holding a child
10. Lifting shopping bags
11. Driving
12. Sitting in a theatre for
the entire movie
13. Climbing stairs
14. Typing
15. Using mobile phones for
16. Stirring while cooking
17. Weather changes
18. Bright sunlight
19. Writing
20. Holding a book to read
21. Reading on kindle
22. Dusting
23. Sweeping
24. Brushing teeth
25. Holding the handles while
travelling standing in a bus / train
26. Lying down for too long
27. Lifting a coffee mug
28. Swimming
29. Cycling
30. Chopping vegetables
31. Most footwear
32. Tags on clothes
33. Slightly tight clothes
34. Opening doors
35. Opening some taps
36. Dancing
37. Desk job
38. Field job
39. Holding a camera
40. Most arts and crafts
41. Outdoor games
42. Indoor games
43. Hosting guests
44. Holding a trophy
45. Hard mattresses
46. Hard seats
47. Remembering things
48. Using scissors
49. Sewing
50. Opening jars

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