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The F word

The F word.

Used by a few.
Hated by many.
Ignored by some.
Misinterpreted aplenty.

The F word.

Makes people judge people.
Makes people discriminate people.
Makes people respect people.
Makes people inspire people.

The F word.

For many, it stands for #Fibromyalgia.
For many, it's not just a word.
It's a life changing curse.
It's hell of a world.

Some manage somehow.
Some struggle to cope.
Some suffer in loneliness.
Some give each other hope.

The F warrior.

Needs to be heard.
Needs to be understood.
Needs a cure.
Needs it now.

So don't show a finger.
Don't point fingers.
Just use your fingers
For a good cause.

Type in Fibromyalgia
On your keypad now.
Look it up and
get the know-how.

Coz sometimes all it takes
Is a little understanding.
Coz the F word can have
Yet another meaning.

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