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A fresh cup of tea

She woke up early in the morning and made herself a fresh cup of tea. Feeling refreshed, she went for a jog and returned in an hour. She decided to prepare a four-course meal for the guests arriving for lunch. She was quite excited about the eventful day as they had planned a trek in the woods.

She woke up for the 3rd time in the middle of the night and was glad that she doesn't have #fibromyalgia in her dreams!

Because of the constant pain, fever, hypersensitivities, insomnia, cognitive problems, chronic fatigue and endless symptoms, most Fibromyalgia warriors do not get proper sleep, are unable to do many things in the mornings, can't prepare elaborate meals or even a cup of tea at times, can't plan things in advance as pain levels keep changing and hosting guests is a tough task for them.

But, we love to dream and even if it's a nightmare we are glad we don't have Fibromyalgia symptoms in dreams!

The F word

The F word.

Used by a few.
Hated by many.
Ignored by some.
Misinterpreted aplenty.

The F word.

Makes people judge people.
Makes people discriminate people.
Makes people respect people.
Makes people inspire people.

The F word.

For many, it stands for #Fibromyalgia.
For many, it's not just a word.
It's a life changing curse.
It's hell of a world.

10 Things To Consider When You Have Chronic Illness

If you have a chronic illness, I am certain there was a time when you were very active and managed to do just about everything in a day. It's tough to come to terms with the limited abilities of our body. So while it's considered good to push ourselves, we must ascertain that we do not do so in a way that harms us. Like in the case of fibromyalgia.

The key mantra is - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

Here is a list of 10 things you should consider to ensure you take good care of yourself:
  1. Say YES only when your body says you can.
  2. REST after doing what you decided to do.
  3. Learn to say NO when you can't.
  4. Make NOTES and remember to refer them.
  5. IGNORE indifferent people and comments. Tough, but TRY.
  6. Try not to EXPECT anything from anyone.
  7. EAT well.
  8. WALK whenever you can.
  9. PLAY. Even if it's on your phone.
  10. Try to SLEEP.

Have a take-care-of-yourself day. EVERYDAY.

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