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Fibromyalgia Guest Post by Louise Willis

Hi Fibro-Folks 
Always wanted to set up a Blog but don't know how - so guest Blogging looks like a first step.

Let me tell you about me - I'm 47 - female and wheelchair bound. Married with two doggies.
I have the condition called Fibromyalgia. The way it's been described to me is my brain fails to process pain signals in the same way as others. This means I suffer pain on a daily basis (so does my husband- but that's marriage!!)

I was diagnosed in 2012 after a particularly stressful series of events. I lost the sensations to my right lower side in 2014 - became wheelchair bound. Prior to this, I was in a highly responsible job earning good money and merrily laughing through life. So that's me. 
Since these changes I have been on a roller coaster ride of hospital tests and emotions.
In this Blog I want to share the things no one told me but I wish I had known as well as small things that work for me - I'm not medically trained or do I claim to be more knowledgeable than anyone else. I don't promise they will work or that you haven't heard it all before but I've had no people for guidance and if I can help just one person on this journey then it's been worthwhile.

The key is the word 'Journey' - I have learned that fibromyalgia has no destination. You may find things to help and relieve symptoms but it's always there. To begin with I assumed I would be 'cured' - not like bacon! I mean set free one day to live without that nagging pain.
Take it from me - it doesn't work that way...
Taking each day as it comes helps with pacing yourself to make it more bearable. (I will talk more about pacing next time- if I'm invited to guest blog again!)
The biggest thing I have learned is to stop looking behind you to what you used to have/do and start looking ahead. Simply taking the word 'can't' out and replacing it with 'can try' makes all the difference. If you can work to change the way you think - then that's the first step to feeling better. 
Sounds simple - just try it till - for small things... For example - I can't be bothered to put on make up at home.. But I can try! Then smile and do it! You'll be surprised at the results (and if you're male - trust me so will your wife or partner!). 
Let me know what you've tried and I hope you'll stay with me along the next Blog and share my journey. So remember, be kind to your body - after all where else are you going to live. 
Till next time xxx Pink Lady Lou xxx
Thanking Louise Willis aka Pink Lady Lou for this Guest Post.
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