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11 Tips to plan a day out when you have #Fibromyalgia

With Fibromyalgia, stepping out everyday is not possible for every warrior. Yet, there are days when you want to step out and get some fresh air. Be it your birthday, an anniversary, a little picnic or even grocery shopping, it's a special occasion when a fibromyalgfia warrior needs to spend the entire day out of home.

Here are 11 Tips to smartly plan a day out when you have #Fibromyalgia:

1. Plan one day in advance / same day if you are having a bad pain month.

2. Opt for a short movie / play. I went for a 1.5 hour play with comfortable seating. No hard seats, no neck twisting.

3. Have someone drive you.

4. Keep yourself hydrated.

5. Avoid certain foods that you know cause you trouble for a couple of days before your day out.

6. Don't be in the same position for long. Sit, stand and walk and intervals.

7. Don't feel bad if you have to return home mid-way or cancel some plans if the symptoms worsen during the day. It's ok, you tried!

8. Don't carry heavy bags / purses.

9. Wear very comfortable clothing and footwear.

10. Remember to carry your medicines and pain sprays.

11. Try to have the next day/s free for resting and recuperating.

Please feel free to add your personal tips to this list!

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  1. Hi, I'm just using this comment box to get your attention.. Sorry I couldn't see any other way of contacting you or the others on this group.
    I know I am suffering from FM but none of the rheum I have seen could term it or work on it. My simple question - can you share details of a rheum who understands FM and can help me manage the same. FYI I'm based in mumbai.
    Thanks, Minal

    1. Hi Minal, I am from Navi Mumbai and I consult an excellent rheumatologist for fibromyalgia. Pls visit Dr Shashank Akerkar -

  2. Don't know why, but I always feel guilty when I'm having a bad episode and feel I have to apologise, does anyone else feel the same?

  3. Hi. I'm from bangalore. Would love to connect with you. How do I do that?

    1. Hi, pls send me a mail on