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Sleepless in Seattle and around the world!

What helps when you are unable to sleep because of pain?
So, most of our members commented on the Facebook page that they could not sleep last night (or this night as per the time zone). I thought of compiling tips that help us in such times in a blog post so that we all can benefit from it during those impossible nights. So who all are keen to share their tips now? Your suggestions on the comments / Facebook page post will be posted out here with your name.

Tips to feel better when sleeplessness strikes with pain:
Reading a book helps me at times, if not with sleep it at least takes my mind off pain for a few minutes.
~Anuradha, Navi Mumbai, India

Picture courtesy: Claudia Hana

1-Regular sleep schedule: has helped me fight insomnia overtime. Yes, you do get it at times when you worry or when I have my periods but I just roll with it instead of fighting it. I started at 2am, then worked my way to 15min earlier until I reached 11pm which became pretty regular now.
2-Make sure to go to the washroom just before bed (see funny picture I made on the subject because it's happened too many times)
3-Stop all chores, activities and thinking 1hour before bed
4-Sleep medicine: caution about clonazepam* Please read about withdrawal symptoms before ever taking this on... I've been on it too long and I would never do it again if I had known. It is not mentioned in side-effects. For nights that really are bad, I use Gravol or allergy pill but really stick to very very bad nights.
5-Mindfulness meditation or guided meditation while falling asleep
6-Heating blanket in winter and good sunlight blocking curtains

~Claudia Hana


My heating pad! I'm addicted to it. It doesn't always help, but I don't think I could do without it.


Trazadone 100mg at bedtime, helps me a lot.
~Cherie Hall Mansfield

Recently my Dr. Felt is was OK to stop All my pain meds lol distract yourself I was told. So now I'm learning to do that ugh grrr crochet, reading, old black n White movies 
~Carrie Gustafson


Heated under blanket, helps to get you over !! But in hot weather?
Dee McCloud

I have fibro in my hips & legs(since I was a child) & I take Lyrica on a daily basis, but when I have a really bad flare, I use a heating blanket that helps sometimes.
June Shook 

Sometimes if I sit up and use my heating pad it helps.
~Katina Guy Edwards


I rub my body all over with any kind of muscle relaxing cream..make a pot of tea with some cayenne pepper and sweat it out... ~Princess Tiny Neferua

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