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Hearts Desire

Entry by Kim Ward for her beloved Mark Schults for our Valentine's day special - THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE.

I think you love me the same way I love you.
I cherish everything you say and do.

You lite my heart on fire.
I love you with so much desire.

The love I show you is not even close to what I feel.
The love for you is in my heart and it's very real.

Sometimes in life they say your dreams can come true.
My dream would be just to spend one day with you.

Then I could show you what you really mean to me.
How much I cherish you then you would really see.

If you could just open your heart and give me a chance.
I could show you what love is in a true romance.

I would kiss the ground you walk on.
I would give you a rose everyday with a love song.

I would cherish every moment I spend with you.
And I would enjoy everything together we do.

So baby I want you to always know.
My love for u I will always show.

To my one and only love Mark! 

Love u Kimberly

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