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The anonymous post that brought tears to my eyes

A member wrote her story to me today. A story that raises questions galore.
Are we here in this alone?
Are we cursed to deal with all the agony that comes with fibromyalgia all through our lifetime?
Is there any meaning to the vow, "In sickness and in health"?
Are the lawyers who we pay so much just around to make a buck while being insensitive to the core?
Why do some doctors break the little trust fibromyalgia patients have in them?

It's a long road ahead

Fibromyalgia Hold My Hand Campaign: Share Information

Are you a #holdmyhand for Fibromyalgia Awareness campaigner?

Here's the first activity: 

Share at least 1 fibromyalgia info link on your Facebook timeline, Twitter, Pinterest or other pages where you have social media presence everyday until Sunday. You can pick something from our blog, our Facebook page, Pinterest or from any other source you like.

Remember to use the hash tag #holdmyhand when you post something. Let's see who gets us the maximum awareness.

To miss or not to miss

I always keep advising my fellow fibromyalgia friends that we should not overexert ourselves as we know by now how it can lead to worsened symptoms and more flares. This New Year, I made a resolution that I will be more careful with my health. Unfortunately, I got Chronic Gastroenteritis on top of the other problems. So, I took it as a sign to be really careful. Plus, I have started the Hold My Hand campaign and I am so glad that the response is huge, so I need to conserve and use my energy carefully.

Weekly Fibromyalgia Links: 3rd Week, January 2014

Fibromyalgia Directory and Weekly Links

As we continue to raise awareness about fibromyalgia, here is a novel idea to begin the new year on a happier note. Presenting Fibromyalgia Directory & Weekly Links - your one-point source for all information, news and tips about the condition.

I know it gets tough to browse through the hundreds of websites and several Facebook pages everyday to gather information and connect with those who understand and perhaps can help you. So, starting today, we shall have two new sections on our blog.

Weekly Fibromyalgia Links: 2nd Week, January 2014

This is the first post of our Weekly Fibromyalgia Links initiative.

This section encourages bloggers and websites to post their latest articles related to fibromyalgia. If you write regularly on a site / blog, you can add your links in our weekly links post for every week. This way, patients will have all the necessary reading material at one place and will never miss on any information. This will also give bloggers and website owners an opportunity to showcase their posts to the right and bigger set of readers.

Fibromyalgia Patient Interview 6: Barbara White

Meet Barbara White, one of our most active members and a wonderful person. She used to have an awesome job as a production department manager and is now on disability following fibromyalgia. Her advice to families, friends and doctors of those with fibromyalgia is worth giving a thought. Do read her entire story and thank her for sharing this with us.

I begin this interview with a big apology for the delay as Barbara had sent across the completed interview months ago and I kept forgetting (perhaps it was my fibro fog, but I am not citing that as an excuse) . I am so sorry Barbara and I start this year's Hold My Hand campaign with your interview first. ~Anuradha

Hold My Hand Campaign

475 shares (as on 6th January 2014) and 60+ mails from people to join the campaign we launched on 3rd January 2014! And these participation requests are from fibromyalgia patients alone!

FIBROMYALGIA MESSAGE BOARD: What Fibromyalgia Warriors have to say

Yes, this is a FIBROMYALGIA MESSAGE BOARD, a wall where fibromyalgia patients from across the world share what they want to tell you. Please take a moment to hear them out in the Comments section below. They would just want you to understand them.