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A Merrier Christmas: Wego Health Activist Awards Nomination

I have to share this good piece of news with you all! I am honoured to be nominated for the Third Wego Health Activist Awards across four categories.
Nomination Categories

I am truly touched by the kind words of the lovely people who nominated me. It has motivated me a lot to continue raising awareness and be of help to as many fibromyalgia fighters as I can. I will strive to exceed your expectations and stay true to my dedication and your belief in my work.

If you have been liking my work on the Fibromyalgia Awareness Blog and our Facebook Page, you can nominate me here.

The following info will help you with the nomination [it does not take more than 5 minutes]:
STEP 1 - Enter Name here: Anuradha
STEP 2 - Select a category
STEP 3 - Email id:
STEP 4 - Nomination reason
STEP 5 - Health Topic: Fibromyalgia
STEP 6 - Blog - | Facebook Page - | Twitter Handle - #annucool15

I also urge you to take a few minutes to nominate health activists and doctors [in Fibromyalgia or any other health category] who have been doing a great job helping people lead a better life. The link for nominations is the same. You only need to change the Health Topic category and add their website / social media links.

Thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas!

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