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How to explain Fibromyalgia to people?

Sometimes, people simply ask, "So what is the disease you have? What is it like?"

A major population has never even heard the word Fibromyalgia. So I explain the condition depending on the person who I need to tell. The simplest things I use depending on the time and relationship with the person include:

Planning to reduce medication?

There's no doubt that the medication for fibromyalgia is pretty strong. But there comes a point in your life when you don't just wish to but have to go off medication for few months or years. Take for example planning pregnancy. One needs to stop all medication a few months before even planning.

Fibromyalgia Patient Interview 5: Mae Allison Wells-Kress

Meet Mae Allison Wells-Kress from US, who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after umpteen tests. She also has been diagnosed with Raynaud’s syndrome and Arnold Chiari Malformation.

Age: 28 (as on November 2013)
Location:  Westerville, Ohio, US
Occupation: Senior Graphic Designer
Kind of occupation: Full Time
Year when symptoms started: 2008
Diagnosed in: 2009
Marital Status: Married