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Fibromyalgia Patient Interview 3: Ann Kirk

Meet Ann Kirk from Mesa, AZ, US who was misdiagnosed for six years. She has fibromyalgia along with many other medical conditions ranging from allergies to IBS and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Do read her interview as she talks about her journey with fibromyalgia.

Age: 34
Location: (City / State / Country): Mesa, AZ, US
Occupation: Student / Homemaker
Year when symptoms started: 2007
Diagnosed in: 2013
Marital Status: Married

Fibromyalgia Patient Interview 2: Keri Seitz

Meet Keri Seitz from WA, USA. Keri suffers from Fibromyalgia but has not let it take the best of her. Her advice to patients as well as doctors really makes a lot of sense. Do read her interview as she talks about pain, limitations, energy boxes and doctors.

Age: 52
Location: (City / State / Country): WA, USA
Occupation: Was a medical transcriptionist, now disabled

Year when symptoms started: 2004

Diagnosed in: 2008

Marital Status: Separated
What's your story? How and when were you diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? Were you misdiagnosed at the start?   

I had a bad flu. Took me three months to fully recover from it. At the time, I was caring for my mom, who was in a nursing home after having a surgery complicated by a staph infection. I went to my family doctor, who thought I might have depression with pain. I tried various OTC medications, but the pain levels kept climbing despite trying everything available for pain. I thought I was crazy and just went with the idea that depression was causing me to be in pain. At some point, I realized that the pain was different. I started to recognize flare ups versus arthritis pain. I developed a host of new symptoms, stomach problems, etc.