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When you need to overdo


With fibromyalgia, it is really tough to do several tasks, forget multitasking. But there are times when you simply have everything on your plate. What to do when you have to do it all?

KEEP OTHERS INFORMED: So first and foremost, ensure that you let your family and friends or even colleagues know your situation. If they already know your limitations with fibromyalgia, they will understand how overexerting increases your fatigue, pain and other symptoms. If not, there is nothing wrong in letting them know.

MOVE IT: Next, while you are in the multitasking phase, try not to stay in the same position for long. If you are cooking a meal for many guests, try to sit while chopping the veggies as you might be standing a long while cooking. If you are travelling and need to walk a lot or maybe trek, remember to sit for a few minutes at intervals. I will try and give specific examples in the upcoming posts.

TAKE A BREAK: More importantly, plan a break after the completion of the do-it-all phase. Maybe you have many guests coming to stay overnight or maybe you are juggling with deadlines and managing kids, try to take a day or two off. Otherwise, you might just end up worsening your symptoms and increasing your medications.

'WEATHER' YOU LIKE IT OR NOT: Also, keep the climate in consideration. If your bothered by hot summers, try these tips. If you need to deal with people who only give you unnecessary stress, here's what to do.

All in all, just listen to your body and take it easy!

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  1. I have learned to say NO! or I will if I can or l will let you know!
    My family and close friends know me and what my limitations are.

    I don't do anything if I don't want to. No one to care about other than myself. Clothing is a problem when I have a flare up, so I have sarongs, Kaftans or other loose fitting clothing and I can not have to bother about wearing a bra.

    I am fortunate that I live alone in what was a retirement village. All residents are retired or on permanent disability incomes. There is a Nursing home for low and high care close by

    I have an agency Home Help, mostly just to clean floors, and the agency provide a carer to take me shopping and when I have a flare up, I order Meals Delivery.

    I pace myself with dusting, and laundry and meals when I am able to. Ironing is something I can still do as I do not have much to do, even still I don't do that very often.

    I no longer drive, because of concentration lapses, I decided to take responsibility and not drive any more. I had a close call and that was enough for me.

    I use a TAXI because I am not even able to walk the short distance to the bus stop.

    I moved from the city to a small country town because the rent is cheaper, there is cleaner air as there is always a sea breeze, and in summer that cuts down on air conditioning .
    Security cameras in the Village give me safety.

    Most of my social interactions are with friends and family via the internet.

    I have bought furniture to make life easier and more comfortable. A hospital type electric bed and an electric recliner / lift chair.

    I honestly do not know how mothers of small children do what they do. There needs to be more awareness and help available for the younger people with families, They struggle so much more than us people who are retired.