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The pain of relations

The irony of 'close' relations is what hurts more than Fibromyalgia.

So they know you cannot do various things when you have Fibromyalgia but they will never acknowledge it so that you keep doing the household chores and other work. And they will never ask 'how are you feeling today' and if you ever mention that, they will only say, 'I know you are hurting all the time'!

But when it comes to fun get-togethers, small travel plans and parties, they IGNORE you completely. Like you don't feel like enjoying life! Like you can manage to do the daily chores even with all the symptoms because you have to, and when it comes to having fun, they assume (or so they pretend) that you cannot have fun because of the symptoms. Knowing that you will join them only if you are able to, else you will refuse since you do not want to be a burden on anyone.

I had stopped expecting things from these people but eventually, we are all humans and we have emotions, isn't it!

So yes, while I try not to talk about pain with the 'normal' 'closely' related people, and I have given up on them to care about me at all, some acts really hurt... a lot. 

Thank God for friends. Thank you all for being around.


  1. Hi, How similar experience of both of us!
    I just can't believe that this is very common in all FMS patients.

    But anyways, I am determined to conquer FMS and I will...

    We should fly high as we want and never let any pain obstruct our way.

    Ishwar(God) is everywhere, hence there's just relief everywhere. No pain, no hurt...

    I see him in blossoming flower and I get relief.
    I feel him in the raindrops and I get relief.
    I smell him in the fragrance of Ashtagandha and I get relief.
    I also experience him in my sleep breaking backaches and with this jolt of happiness I get energized to concentrate on my work or sleep again...

    1. Such beautiful words Sadhak! Take care, God bless!

  2. It sure felt like It was me who was telling these words.

    Really, some of those people you mention, they have the nerve to try to keep me down as much as they can. I find hard to keep up with most of them, so I gave up on them to care about me at all. And it was the best I did.
    But then, even when I'm feeling better, it sure hurts me to see every one doing all sorts of things that I loved to do, but that I can't do nowadays.
    Sometimes I have to get alone in my small world in order to survive from others. It's hell and I get depress. AND THAT CAN NOT BE! I MUST KEEP LIVING LIVE AND BE HAPPY AS MUSH AS POSSIBLE.

    1. True, there is no point getting bothered by those who don't care. Take care and stay happy!

  3. Blogging for the cause !! Loved it