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Dr Oz Show on Fibromyalgia, latest discovery and treatments

Fibromyalgia - The disease your doctor might miss.
Dr Oz spoke with Dr Jennifer Caudle and Dr Sean Mackey about Fibromyalgia in the 23rd July 2013 episode of Dr Oz Show. I present here the links to the episode and also some excerpts and highlights for those who are unable to view the video. I encourage you to share this link to help patients across the world.

Millions across the world suffer with fibromyalgia and yet there is a lot of misdiagnosis and ignorance. Patients go through a lot of physical and emotional pain caused by this invisible illness. We are thankful to these three doctors for bringing this condition in light and breaking many perceptions. Here are some of the highlights of the show followed by the video links to this episode on fibromyalgia.

Is Fibromyalgia a life-threatening disorder?