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Fibromyalgia Awareness Photo & Poem Contest Winners

We recently had a contest to raise Fibromyalgia Awareness on our Facebook Page. We are glad to see the participation and the awesome entries from our fans. We take this opportunity to thank the participants for their efforts... it means a lot!

I would like to thank Trayce Duffy in particular for initiating and managing the Fibromyalgia Awareness Photo & Poem Contest. She has been a great help to us ever since she joined our page and I can't thank her enough. 

The winners were announced on the Facebook earlier. 

Drum Roll Please...

1st place winners: 

Dana Sturgil-Bledsoe (Photo) and Kristin Ausebio (Poem)

2nd honorable mention:  

Dawn A Drouin (Photo-Phrase)

3rd honorable mention: 

Monique Banks (Photo) and Michael Roberts (Poem)

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

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