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Runners-up of THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE

Runners-up of THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE held on the occasion of Valentine's Day are:
  • Terri Baucom
  • Cindy McGreevy  
  • Vashti Lee-wallis  
  • Gwendolyn Booker

4 LOVELY ENTRIES (Runners-up)!

Terri Baucom
To my wonderful Husband Major Bradley K Baucom. First of all my Love I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! There is never a day that goes by that I don't think of at least one thing about you that I appreciate, the person that you are is amazing to me. You are a man of Love, Honor and Loyalty. What else could a gal ask for. You being my husband is all I need for Valentine's day and every day after. I love you with allllll my heart and alllll that I am....even on my weak broken down days...probably more on those days cause I am so blessed to have a husband who tries so hard to understand and support me. That is HUGE! 

I love you my lover forever and ever to infinity! Thank you for your love and choosing me to be your wife to grow young with <3.


Cindy McGreevy
My husband Mike has been there for me since day 1...Upon diagnosed with FM He was eager to learn as much as he could to help me get through it. It has since been 3 years now and he is still by my side! There were family that did not believe me and still don't, Well, to this day, My husband is with me instead of his family... He said, "He has a problem when his family don't believe me!"

I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband in my life.


Vashti Lee-wallis
To my hubby who is understanding though i have some strange moods & he has been there when I have cried in pain & frustration. Thank you for loving me for 21 years, here's to the next 21 years together.


Gwendolyn Booker
My husband has been there with a hand to hold when I can't walk, he is a gift from God because he can see a far!

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