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Physiotherapy for Fibromyalgia?

So I have started physiotherapy. The therapist said it would hurt in the beginning (I thought nothing now can hurt me more than fibromyalgia pain!) but should strengthen the muscles and joints gradually.

In addition to fibromyalgia, I also have hyper-mobility of joints and loss of lumbar lordosis with straightening of spine. So my exercises had to be carefully selected and some changes had to be made. I am waiting for a couple of months to pass and will then share with you if it helped. If it does help, then I'll definitely share the exercises with you all here.

Wanted to know at this point if you have tried physiotherapy. Did it help? Also, does any of you here has hypermobility of joint s/ a straightened spine?

Please feel free to discuss here or on the Facebook page of this blog.

Take care!


  1. Keep me posted, I will check with my insurance if it helps. What about your nerves? How are they mine are the worst part.

  2. Will keep you posted. I need to buy a resistance band for some exercises, but they are out of stock. Nerves are pathetic. esp the on the shoulder neck area (behind) it's shooting sensation