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We had invited entries for THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE on the occasion of Valentine's Day. And it's time to announce the WINNERS! 

Melanie Kolnick 

Here's her lovely entry. The post will be featured on the home page of our blog for a month. 

4 LOVELY ENTRIES (Runners-up) 
Terri Baucom
Cindy McGreevy  
Vashti Lee-wallis  
Gwendolyn Booker

(Check their lovely entries here)

The posts will be featured on the home page until 15th March. 

PS - Since there were a few entries since the contest was almost a last-minute announcement, I have announced 4 runners-up instead of 3. The special mention entry is thereby merged into the runners-up category.

Congratulations to all the lovely winners!!! May you be loved and cared for always!

Runners-up of THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE

Runners-up of THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE held on the occasion of Valentine's Day are:
  • Terri Baucom
  • Cindy McGreevy  
  • Vashti Lee-wallis  
  • Gwendolyn Booker

4 LOVELY ENTRIES (Runners-up)!

Terri Baucom
To my wonderful Husband Major Bradley K Baucom. First of all my Love I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! There is never a day that goes by that I don't think of at least one thing about you that I appreciate, the person that you are is amazing to me. You are a man of Love, Honor and Loyalty. What else could a gal ask for. You being my husband is all I need for Valentine's day and every day after. I love you with allllll my heart and alllll that I am....even on my weak broken down days...probably more on those days cause I am so blessed to have a husband who tries so hard to understand and support me. That is HUGE! 

I love you my lover forever and ever to infinity! Thank you for your love and choosing me to be your wife to grow young with <3.


Cindy McGreevy
My husband Mike has been there for me since day 1...Upon diagnosed with FM He was eager to learn as much as he could to help me get through it. It has since been 3 years now and he is still by my side! There were family that did not believe me and still don't, Well, to this day, My husband is with me instead of his family... He said, "He has a problem when his family don't believe me!"

I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful husband in my life.


Vashti Lee-wallis
To my hubby who is understanding though i have some strange moods & he has been there when I have cried in pain & frustration. Thank you for loving me for 21 years, here's to the next 21 years together.


Gwendolyn Booker
My husband has been there with a hand to hold when I can't walk, he is a gift from God because he can see a far!

Physiotherapy for Fibromyalgia?

So I have started physiotherapy. The therapist said it would hurt in the beginning (I thought nothing now can hurt me more than fibromyalgia pain!) but should strengthen the muscles and joints gradually.

In addition to fibromyalgia, I also have hyper-mobility of joints and loss of lumbar lordosis with straightening of spine. So my exercises had to be carefully selected and some changes had to be made. I am waiting for a couple of months to pass and will then share with you if it helped. If it does help, then I'll definitely share the exercises with you all here.

Wanted to know at this point if you have tried physiotherapy. Did it help? Also, does any of you here has hypermobility of joint s/ a straightened spine?

Please feel free to discuss here or on the Facebook page of this blog.

Take care!

4 Steps to stay updated with our Facebook Page

Facebook keeps on changing its ways. The recent change prevents you from getting notifications from a page that you might have Liked. Unless, of course, you make certain changes in some settings.

We have been getting queries from many fans that they are not getting our updates in their Facebook News Feed.

So if you are wondering where we have disappeared, let us tell you that we have been more active than even before. However, we just realised that you are simply not getting our posts in your News Feed. So we have explained below 4 STEPS TO STAY UPDATED WITH THE NEWS FEED of your favourite Fibromyalgia Awareness Page. Hope it helps you!

From Melanie to Joe: I'm lucky to have you in my life

Melanie is the WINNER of the THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE! Congratulations for the MOST LOVABLE ENTRY!

Melanie's expression of her love for her caring husband Joe:

"Twelve and a half years of marriage, you have always been my rock...even though I'd never let you know it.

This recent diagnosis has made it even more evident. I know you don't quite understand...the pain, stress, airheadedness, etc. But I know you can see it in my eyes... & I know you are trying to put me at ease. We have never been the "lovey-dovey" couple... But you trying to touch me without hurting me worse, holding me, & helping out with everyday tasks means more then you'll ever know.


Express your love to the one who cares! It's the season of love :) A time to expect lovely things, a time to tell someone special how much they matter to us.

While some of us are struggling to make our near ones understand us, some are fortunate to have someone who really understands and cares. So this season of love, how about surprising those who give us the strength to go on! Inviting entries for the THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE.

Accept and move on: When some people don't understand


Difficult as it is to explain fibromyalgia to people around us, what is seen in many cases is that the 'near and dear' ones do not seem to understand or accept our condition. It could be your spouse, your siblings, your parents, your in-laws, your friends... people who you always thought you could count on. This, I am not saying only based on my experience, this is derived from the letters / messages I have received from people across the world!

You may well have tried to explain the details of fibromyalgia - what it is, what it does to you, the fact that it is real, the fact that it makes you incapable to do certain things, the fact that you cannot stretch yourself beyond a certain point, the fact that you just cannot afford to take stress etc., but some people simply won't understand. What happens then is that the stress of making them believe worsens your condition all the more.

So what to do?