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Why should pain be a relative term?

So do you often tend to hold your neck, shoulder or back at your workplace? And then do you adjust your sitting position and continue working nevertheless?

At first this happens few times a month, then few times a week, then almost everyday, and then all the time. But you look around and see many people complaining about their neck, shoulder or back pain. And you think it's a common thing and you need not pay any attention since everyone has similar pain. So you ignore and ignore and ignore. Until the point comes when you literally rush to a doctor with pain so unbearable you hate ignoring it all the time. 

Fibromyalgia and the urgent need for awareness

How do you feel when you have fever for three days in a row? How would you feel when you have it for three months in a row? How do you feel when your head aches for days together. And your knees and feet pain too? And your neck and shoulders too. And your buttocks and wrists too? And you know the pain is not going to go! And in addition to all these 'small' things, you are super fatigued.

You cannot sit in front of the computer for one hour at a stretch! And you keep forgetting things. You do not look sick at all and you are labeled LAZY! But, in reality, you are a victim of Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS).