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The choice is always ours!

She had been postponing it for a while but then she had to. She finally walked up to the laundry bag and picked some clothes that needed washing. A few shirts, a few dresses and some jeans, each weighing around 1-3 kg (yes, you read it right)!

One by one, she dropped them into the 6.5 kg washing machine and set the program to Fuzzy Wash. She knew it's better to wash the gentle and tough clothes separately but another round of washing? She didn't have all that energy and patience to wait. She would rather skip it and prefer the shortcut. After all, she had to even pick the partly wet clothes (each would then weigh around 2-6 kg) and then put them for drying outside on the clothesline.

And God forbid if it started raining, she would have to again carry the heavy clothes to put them for drying inside. That would mean climbing onto the little stool several times and reaching out for the clothesline fitted towards the ceiling. A shortcut made sense. And she was glad that this time no soaking was required!

She hated soaking. It had been three years since she was diagnosed with the life-altering condition. She was soaked in pain from head to toe. So much so, she sometimes felt good that hair and nails don't sense pain. Fever was a daily thing and so was the morning stiffness. She was drenched in fatigue all the time... even when she woke up in the morning, even after she took a hot water bath, even after she slept during the day!

How she used to be a water person! When she was younger, she would spend a long time in the shower, insist on washing the dishes, mopping the floor and washing the clothes. And when her family bought their first washing machine, she would always take the initiative to connect it to the tap and switch on that power button. She would love to watch the clothes spin and swirl though the glass window of the top load machine. The beep beep beep of the machine after some 50 minutes used to be her favourite part. She would immediately pick the partly wet clothes, each weighing around 0.50 to 1 kg, and put them for drying. She loved to climb up and down the little stool to stretch and reach out to the clothesline.

However, now the clothes seemed to be double the weight of what they were. She had great difficulty lifting things. She had great difficulty doing anything and everything, including sleeping. She had become quite impatient as well.

But she had decided that she won't compromise, that she won't allow Fibromyalgia soak her forever. She couldn't wait for things to be fine as she knew there's no cure for Fibromyalgia. She had to look for smarter alternatives. Like a part-time job, like typing on a touchpad, like using a memory foam mattress, like using a detergent that removed the toughest of stains without soaking... she was thankful to Surf Excel Matic for the little help it offered... she had made a good choice!

Life always throws tough challenges at us
The choice is always ours -
Get soaked in stains or wipe the slate clean!

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