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Fibromyalgia and summer heat

Fibromyalgia and scorching heat
Until last year, my fibromyalgia pain used to flare up during winters and monsoon. I would wait for summers to feel a bit better. However, this year, the summer heat has disappointed me. The pain increased and so did the fatigue. And yes, I am keeping myself hydrated, but it is not helping much. And since the last couple of weeks there's a new problem - dry mouth and throat!

I did my research and found that fibromyalgia patients suffer from both cold and heat intolerance. This might be related to the hypersensitivity we experience.

Well, the more we know, the better. All we can so is protect ourselves from extreme temperatures. So if summer is bothering you, here are some measures you can take (please try what makes you feel comfortable):

  1. Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated.
  2. Eat good amount of fruits and veggies
  3. Include curd / yoghurt and whole grains in your meals
  4. Avoid spicy and fried food
  5. Do not over-exert yourself
  6. Try to manage your schedule in a way that you do not need to step out in the afternoon
  7. Cover your head and skin from scorching heat - use an umbrella / scarf and shades
  8. Wear comfortable cotton clothing, avoid body-hugging garments; try cooling vests
  9. Keep a lozenge handy if you step out in the sun and have dry throat / feel dizzy
If there are some tips you need to share with us, please add to the list by posting your comment.


  1. I found the same thing this summer. I couldn't wait until the weather started heating up so I could get some relief and start having better days. Unfortunately I am suffering the same symptoms, even the occasional sore throat from time to time. My doctor asked me if the weather change was helping, of course my answer was no, not only was I confused but he was too. I did the same research and found out about the heat intolerance. Until I read about that I was afraid my illness was taking a turn for the worse and my doctor started changing my meds around trying to find me some relief.
    Recently I have began to have more serious flares and more bad days than good, which is disconcerting since I still have to work. It seems I am now on the path to disability which is depressing since I am still quite young.
    I appreciate this site. I do have a friend with the same diagnosis so I do have someone to confide in as does she. Support and understanding are very important and we all need it. I feel humiliated and worthless when I have a flare bad enough that I can't get out of bed and go to work.
    Thanks again!!

  2. Hey there, I can truly understand! The best part is we all with fibromyalgia are getting connected and that really matters as its us who really understand and can share tips and developments. You take care and do join our facebook page as many people across the world share their insights.