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Fever everyday... for months together

Fibromyalgia and Fever.
Monsoon will arrive soon. While a few years ago it meant the arrival of my favourite season, now it doesn't please me as much. While the aroma of the wet soil and the raindrops on the window still bring me a smile, the considerable fall in temperature causes super immense pain all over the body. And the fever sets in... again. Over the last year, the fever has lasted once for around five months in a row, then for two months and this time it's been for around two weeks already!

The fever for some reason multiplies the pain and agony. Lying down for a longer time does no good in any case and I feel all the more sick. So I try and keep myself occupied.

Have learned something important in all this:
Don't expect the world to care for you,
don't expect all your near ones to be there for you 

The people who you thought would care for you the most
take you for granted and cause maximum emotional torture

There's just one person whose help matters the most
And only that one person knows exactly what you go though

You will survive with the help of that one person
You will be good with the help of that one person

And that one person is YOU
Take good care of yourself
coz if you won't, who will?


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