The Fibromyalgia Facts Series - Poster 1

Fibromyalgia is an incurable (until now) chronic condition that essentially means that a fibromyalgia patients has no choice but to manage life around the symptoms. As this is more of a syndrome with umpteen symptoms ranging from pain to hypersensitivity (read more here), every day for every patient is different. Yet, I have never had / come across a fibromyalgia person with a pain level of 0 for a day. Some medicines work for some, not for others. Some therapies / exercises work for some, not for others.

In such a complicated life situation, the best thing is to stay informed and keep reading. There are a lot of Fibromyalgia blogs, Facebook Pages (our page) & Groups (our closed group only for page members), Offline Support Groups, etc. where we can learn from each other. Sometimes, just talking to a person in the same boat is a good help.

So we suggest that you stay informed and stay in touch with others with fibromyalgia. Who knows when and how a simple tip by someone can help you ease your symptoms. If nothing, the emotional support does provide a lot of relief.

Read. Learn. Share.

Take care and be strong.


This post is the first in The Fibromyalgia Facts Series of posters. I intend to create informative / motivational posters in this series to support the condition and raise awareness. Your ideas are most welcome.

Fibromyalgia Patient Interview 7: Lakshmi Rajagopalan

Meet Fibromyalgia warrior Lakshmi Rajagopalan from Bangalore, India, who coincidentally is just 5 days elder to me!!! As if when someone up there was deciding who all will get fibromyalgia later in life, selected people based on some permutation of their birth dates and allotted the year 2008 for her diagnosis and 2009 for me. Huh! Anyways, let's get realistic here and move on to Lakshmi's insightful and inspiring interview.

Age: 36 (as on July 2014)
Location: Bangalore, India
Occupation: Urban Planner
Kind of occupation: Full Time
Year when symptoms started: 2007
Diagnosed in: 2008
Marital Status: Married

Why should we not talk about our illness?

"Do something small and nice selflessly someday, you never know how many lives you can touch and how much you can be loved."

What started as a small step to raise awareness has become such a lovely family. I am blessed to receive such strong support on the Fibromyalgia Awareness page. We will be a family of 5000 soon, people from across the world bonded by pain and understanding. The response to #SomethingPurple campaign is awesome with people still sending in their pics.

What touched me most was that many shared pics of their kids, spouse, relatives and friends wearing purple to show them support. A woman's little nephew gifted her a purple bracelet. Another lady's entire family and her daughter's friend dressed in purple. Another lady had her window display complete with Fibromyalgia pics. One of our members had shared her Fibromyalgia wedding theme - from bridesmaids to cupcakes, purple was prominent and beautiful. 

It hurts that back here in India [I don't know if it happens in some other parts of the world too], we are not supposed to talk about illnesses much, forget having an entire special occasion planned around it. Most of us are asked not to tell relatives of our spouse that we have a chronic illness as it can start a whole lot of questions. One day, I will get this all sorted. Yes, I talk about illness, have it all over my social media profiles and I am proud, not ashamed of it.

It helps in a lot many ways. It helps people learn about an illnesses they had no idea about. If people can identify their symptoms, God forbid if they have fibromyalgia, they can get diagnosed in time. There's no cure, yet at least, they will not be termed as lazy or bombarded with words like, "It's all in your head." Local doctors, many aren't still aware of Fibromyalgia, will be able to understand that the fever could be fibromyalgia thing and the pain needs a different treatment approach.

I thank all who supported me in this initiative, shared pics, used the butterfly as their profile pic and shared our links.

I hope to find more people from India so that I can start our support group meetings. One day, we might get Gateway illuminated with purple lights too the day Niagara Falls was lit up last evening to raise Fibromyalgia Awareness.

Something Purple this Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

People from all parts of the world suffer from fibromyalgia. Yet, there is lack of awareness in most countries and cities. This Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, 12th May 2014, let's have Something Purple to support awareness. Here's a poem on some tips. Just have Something Purple, click a pic posing with it and share it on our Facebook Page.

We shall create a collage of all the pics and share it here  as a lovely memory.


So finally, announcing the winners of THE conTEST OF TRUE LOVE - 2014.


Dana Sturgill-Bledsoe for A Caring Family.

It's a Tie: Cheryl Lafferty for Tails of Love and Maggie for Hold My Hand.

Chrissy Yount for the Duct Tape entry.

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners and to all those who participated. The winners of all three categories will be featured on the home page of our blog for a month.