Fibromyalgia Patient Interview / Story 7: Brandi Clevinger

Name: Brandi Clevinger
Gender: Female | Age: 33
Location: (City / State / Country): Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Occupation:  Stay at Home Mom, Blogger
Kind of occupation: Full Time
Year when symptoms started: Summer 2006
Diagnosed in: Winter 2012
Marital Status: Married

Short Stories - Reminder Notes

Janice knew that look. She hated it. The slightly raised eyebrows, the slightly tilted head and that rather long glare made her feel like disappearing immediately. That accusatory look was not new to her. She never lied. Why should she? But she forgot things, not all, but a few. The ones that she should not forget. The ones that involved those people who were not so understanding. She had also started getting confused more often lately.

Fibromyalgia Palm Challenge - Photo Album A

This is a collage of the palm photos submitted by those whose names begin with the letter A.

Fibromyalgia Palm Challenge is an initiative to raise awareness about Fibromyalgia. I hope that each one of you watching this video take the challenge and tag as many people as possible to make this 'Invisible Illness' Visible to the world.

You can read all about fibromyalgia on this website.Submit your photos on our Facebook page.
You can write to me on

-Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli, Creator of #fibromyalgiapalmchallenge

Patient Solidarity Day Event in Mumbai

I am glad to get the opportunity to speak on the occasion of Patient Solidarity Day, thanks to Mr Bejon Misra, and put forth my points to improve healthcare in India.

For the first time, patients came together in India to demand access and universal health coverage on the occasion of Patient Solidarity Day that was observed on 9th December 2014 in Mumbai (and 6th December in Delhi).

Trust me, few years from now, healthcare will be much much better as we had a long discussion complete with awesome suggestions by all stakeholders, and planned next steps to make things better for all patients across India.

Patient Solidarity Day on 6 December 2014

What is Patient Solidarity Day?

Imagine the power of an initiative when patients from across the world come together in solidarity to make their voice heard and to support each other.

Imagine a day when patients, health activists and organisations unite to ensure that every single person in the world has fair and impartial access to quality healthcare.

That day has arrived!

The day when we all unite for universal health coverage under the theme: “One voice, United, Universal”.

Patient Solidarity Day is observed on 6 December 2014 across the world. I am glad that this year we have a few events in India as well.

Read more about this day here.

Back here, in India, some of us are coming together at two separate events in Delhi and Mumbai. More about it in my next post. Meanwhile, so read all about Patient Solidarity Day learn about little gestures or big splashes you can do to help stand united and amplify the patient voice!  

Online activity for Fibromyalgia on patient Solidarity Day:
To do our bit on this day, we are asking patients and organisations worldwide to do a little Facebook Sharing activity via our #FibromyalgiaPalmChallenge to support fibromyalgia patients.

Visit the #FibromyalgiaPalmChallenge official album. Choose any random Palm photo of a fellow fibro fighter, share it on your timeline and tag your Facebook friends to take the challenge.
Remember to give credit to the person who's photo you share by saying, for example:
"(XYZ) too has taken the #FibromyalgiaPalmChallenge to raise awareness. How about you?"

Use the hashtags:
#PSD2014 and  #FibromyalgiaPalmChallenge